Donald Trump Has Jumped the Shark

How Do I Change the Channel?

Today Donald Trump tweeted (I’m going to post the text, not embed the tweet, because Twitter embeds make my old iPad creaky):

Which is… BOOOOORING. So boring to me.

Donald Trump is played out. I’ve seen every element in that tweet enough times that I WANT SOMETHING NEW FROM DONALD. Let me be clear: I AM NO LONGER BEING ENTERTAINED BY HIM.

Look, if this were really Game of Thrones and we were just about to start the non-G.R.R. Martin based teleplays I might stick around because… who knows? But this is not Game of Thrones. This is Ice Road Truckers season VI. This is like watching an episode of Botched and they have another meth-addled, celebrity-obsessed nutcase who wants to have her hairline match Charo’s. You don’t hang around for it to get better. You change the channel and re-watch an old episode of Swamp People.

Since we can’t change the channel, I think we have to employ sports stadium chant tactics. Sports fans are perfectly disenfranchised. They pay for everything that happens to the team they care deeply about, but have absolutely no say in what happens. Their only “voice” is a collective chant, which sometimes works pretty well. We need a political “Potvin Sucks”. Trump is boring me. The best political prognosticator of our age might be Homer Simpson.



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