I disagree, but maybe not for the reasons you might assume.

Let me begin by saying that I am comfortable with both meanness and nastiness. I am, I confess, a devoted fan of South Park, which may have permanently disfigured my ability to gauge what is an “acceptable” amount of mean-spiritedness. That said, I haven’t noticed any increase in Ezinne’s posts.

What I have noticed is that her voice is clearer and her posts are even more fun to read. I am nobody to judge writing, but I think her writing has been getting better and better the more she extends her language.

I have always read her posts because they offer points of view outside my reflexive understanding. Many of her topics are tangential to my world. I barely know who Iggy Azalea is, other than watching the “Fancy” video and being appalled. I did read something where Questlove said Fancy was a “good song”, which bummed me out. I wouldn’t be able to judge, so I have take his word for it, I guess. The fact is, I don’t care. I don’t care about Iggy Azalea or the Kardashians.

I do care about Ezinne’s writing. It’s spirited, unique, and fun to read. I’m very thankful she is on Medium and am genuinely fearful she might leave some day.

I am a dying blogger. All of my best posts are behind me. What I serve up now are reheated leftovers scraped from the platters of yesterday’s banquets. What a pleasure it is to read Ezinne, who has unlocked the best of what Medium has to offer and who grows better over time. She has made this platform a conduit of genuine artistic expression. What courage! What integrity!

Tribune of Medium. Mayor Emeritus of LiveJournal. Third Pharaoh of the Elusive Order of St. John the Dwarf. I am to Medium what bratwurst is to food.

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