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Here is the recent production of the Mill. It is all dreck, but if you insist on not doing the work that you sat down to the computer to do, it may be of some use to you. It can also serve as a counter-irritant. Read on, and you will forget the other things in life that cause you pain. You’ll also change your mind about what the phrase “waste of time” means. If you read two of these “pieces” you will realize that, yes, correcting Wikipedia articles is a waste of time, but in the universe of time wasting activities you could do a lot worse.

The 2021 Season

Off-Season Dreck

The 2020 Season

The 2019 Season

The 2018 Season

Winter Rants (off season writing)

NaNoWriMo: The Long Dreck

Don’t try this unless you like black licorice, grapefruit juice, and black coffee. This is my attempt at a “novel”.

The 2017 Season

The 2016 Season

The “Extended” Winter Season

Normally I take the winter off, but I was having so much fun on Medium I kept going. Here is some of the winter dreck.

A lot of what I wrote during the winter was published in Slackjaw, the A-1 publication for funny on Medium.

“Real” Writing

For the first time in my adult life I wrote some “real” short stories. I was inspired by what people were doing on Medium, specifically TJ O’Neil, who has left us,

and . I responded to a writing prompt in Made Up Words and they were kind enough to accept it. was the editor for both of these pieces, and even though I like to make fun of editors these stories would not exists without her help and encouragement.

I also wrote something for Happiness Weekly at the invitation of


The 2015 Season

“How the Sausage Is Made” are reports on the workings of Mr. Mildew Omnimedia. It is self-absorbed, solipsistic, navel-gazing, reality blogging, and, therefore, exactly what you were looking for on Medium, amirite?

In LIFO Order:

The following are genuine attempts at funny. It’s not our fault if they suck. We can’t afford rehearsal time in New York City. It’s not too late to turn back now.




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