This is The Time to Clean Out Your Sock Drawer

2 min readNov 1, 2020

Yesterday, Halloween, when the spirit world was so close, I lay in my bed and watched clouds streak across the sky and create snowy autumn tableaus in my yard with the light of a full moon. Is it any wonder that the witches showed up right on cue?

About a month ago I ended my Medium membership. I try to be responsible about getting rid of subscriptions that I don’t use, and I wasn’t reading Medium much. Instead I’ve been playing Hades Star (level 161 MOTHERFUCKERS!) I resigned my Membership. I was doing OK with the decision, then these two stories, one by Lisa Renee and one by Devon Henry, put me over my monthly three story limit. I rejoined just to read them.

You should read those two “stories”. They are well worth the price of admission. I regret nothing.

If you read them, maybe you can tell me if they are both putting an end to this year. Do they, or is that just my projection? Because, you know, it is the end of the year.

This is the end. You’re supposed to have a big bon fire and put a match to all the psychological ephemera of the season. The bees are in their hive. The bears are starting to sleep. If you didn’t plant that holly bush or the bulbs you wanted, you shouldn’t do it now.

Medium’s thrashing has pushed the “clean reinstall” option on the platform. Whatever this once was, it ain’t that anymore. Whatever it will be remains to be figured out.

But not now. We have a long period between Halloween and the solstice. The old year is ended but the new one does not begin until the days start to lengthen and the queen begins to lay eggs in the center of the winter cluster. We have time. This is a time to talk to your spirits.

This is also the time of year when you push the old king into the bog. Down into the dark peat of the swamp. There are lots of spirits in the swamp, many of them malevolent. Be careful. Renewal comes at a price. It’s a dangerous time. Let’s hope everyone we like makes it to the sunlight of the new year. We will find each other there. Hopefully, blogging.

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