2 min readMar 25, 2021

Yo, Man, This Is From my iPad

You can’t really write a Medium post on an iPad, but I can’t really write a Medium post on a PC either, so it is a small loss for me to bang out dreck on this device.

I just read Ev Williams announcement:

I don’t understand it. Maybe I don’t want to understand it. I think if I understood it I would be agnostic about its implications. What I do understand about that post is that it has 106 “replies” but my dumb device will only load 25 of them.

Imagine my disappointment. The cranks usually don’t show up until comment number 30, conspiracy theories sometime after that, and Stormfront Nazis even later. I had to read ten people thanking Ev for his “transparency” and by then I was almost at quota!

I started scrolling with the question “I wonder if I know any of the commenters?” This is a narcissist’s approach to any discussion. My father used to do the same thing in crowds. He’d look at the mass of people at an air show or the blessing of the fleet and say out loud, “I bet I see someone I know.”

I did know someone in the first 25, so the discussion is legit as far as I’m concerned.

For the record, I would normally spend a considerable amount of time trying to refine the reflexive asinine comment given to me by Dreckio, the tenth and least celebrated muse of blogging, but why make an ass of myself if nobody can see me do it?

That’s almost as dumb as writing a Medium post on an iPad.


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